Atypical Spring Bass Lure: Ribbit, Ribbit

A quick Google search will result in dozens of articles and YouTube videos telling you the best early springtime bass lures include jerkbaits, lipless crankbaits, jigs, spinners, chatterbaits, Alab ... Read more

How It's Made - Omega Rod Holder

In this video, follow along with Chad Hoover and YakAttack production manager, Sundari Cifers, as they show how an Omega Rod Holder goes from plastic pellets to a rod holder on the shelf of your loca ... Read more

VIDEO: How to Fish the Carolina Rig Featuring Eric Siddiqi | Kayak Bass Fishing

In this video from Chad Hoover, Eric Siddiqi shares one of his go to spring fishing presentations for finding fish during kayak fishing tournaments. Read more

VIDEO: KBF Dee Zee TENvitational | DAY 1 | Kissimmee, Florida

In this video follow Chad Hoover from KBF and his crew as they get setup for the KBF Dee Zee TENvitational in Kissimmee, Florida. The TENvitational is an invite only tournament with several ways ... Read more

2020 12th Annual YakAttack Benefit Tournament - Results

2020 has been an interesting year and the same goes for this year’s tournament. With the world being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and by Governor orders, there was no chance the tournament wa ... Read more

VIDEO: A Year in Kayak Fishing

VIDEO: My 2016 was a mix of fun trips, good friends and great times with my family. We will chase just about any critter that swims and it doesn't matter if they are small or large. This video s ... Read more

How To Kayak Fish South Florida | Episode 2: Peacock Bass with Robwil Valderrey and Denes Szakacs

In this episode follow Denes and YakAttack team member Robwil on a south Florida adventure targeting one of their favorite species, the Peacock Bass. Tune in as the crew covers tactics, techniques, ... Read more

How to attach a GoPro® to a YakAttack ParkNPole

Need an extra camera mount or fresh new angle? Here is a short video showing how to attach a GoPro® to a YakAttack ParkNPole. Use the combination to get far away shots of you and your kayak by p ... Read more

VIDEO: Devils River Series Pt. 1 – Jon B.

In the first part of the Devils River Series, follow Jon B. and crew as they depart on the Devils River in Texas in search of big bass during their 30 mile 4 day and 4 night adventure along one of th ... Read more

Introducing Our Town - Part 1

To say I grew up with YakAttack is an understatement - YakAttack was, is, and will continue to be a crucial, core part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are going to Bob's house (where we orig ... Read more

VIDEO: Small Town, Smallmouth

Video: Eric Atkins and his buddy took a trip to catch some  spawning smallmouth."Evan Howard, Corey Galloway, and I made this trip in early 2016. We were trying to time the weather and the small ... Read more

2020 Team Picks - Christmas Gift Guide

Some people are just plain challenging to shop for, so this year we asked a few of our pro team members to provide some gift suggestions and pick their hands-down favorite YakAttack product. We wante ... Read more

VIDEO: Hooked On Wild Waters S4, EPISODE 3 - Small Bartrams, Big Adventure

Drew's passion for adventure and for some of the rarer fish species is on full display in this Chattooga River adventure! He learns so much more about this rare black bass, the Bartrams, that is ... Read more

VIDEO: 2017 Shad Run and Big Cats on the James River

With the annual Shad Run in full swing here in Central Virginia, my buddies Grant, Max, Chris and I are hitting the water every chance we get. Shad fishing is an absolute blast. These fish are powerf ... Read more

VIDEO: Back Bay The Movie Trailer

Back in the day Back Bay near the Virginia / North Carolina state line on the Atlantic coast was an amazing world class Largemouth Bass fishery, and one of the best in the nation for catching Largemo ... Read more

Spring Lure Selection - Inshore Fishing

With the turn of the Spring season here in Northeast Florida and water temperatures finally starting to rise you may wonder what lures you should be using during this transition. I primarily fish t ... Read more

VIDEO: 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament: John "Toast" Oast

Long time YakAttack team member and Virginia native John “Toast” Oast of and his daughter, Lila Oast, made their way from Pennsylvania for the 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournamen ... Read more

VIDEO: 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament - Brian Vincent: What It's All About

The 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament was a great success. In this short video Brian Vincent of the Appomattox River Company, attending his 4th YakAttack Tournament, does a fantastic job of explai ... Read more

VIDEO: 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament: Through the Lens with Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis

Local Virginia anglers and YakAttack team members, Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis made their yearly trek to Green Bay, VA for the 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament for a weekend of camping, smoked BBQ, and ... Read more

2019 11th Annual YakAttack Benefit Tournament - Results

Another YakAttack Tournament has come and gone. For us at the YakAttack HQ it is one of our favorite yet most stressful weeks of the year, but in the end it allows us to pay a part of a debt that w ... Read more

Team YakAttack Holiday Product Recommendations

For more help finding the right Christmas gift for the angler in your life, check out these product reviews from our YakAttack Pro Staff members. Each one highlights the accessory they have come t ... Read more

2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament Results

What an amazing weekend. We had 193 anglers registered for the 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament and came from all over the east coast and the southeast including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Flori ... Read more

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