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Why shop at YakAttack for kayak fishing accessories and gear?

At YakAttack, we are passionate about providing American-made, high-quality kayak fishing accessories and gear that solve problems for our customers. We understand that sometimes the best solutions come from looking beyond the easy options and seeking out problems that need solving. Our small-town manufacturing philosophy is the cornerstone of the American Dream and has helped us revolutionize the industry through our unconventional solutions. At YakAttack, we put quality of product and customer satisfaction above all else to bring you the best kayak fishing accessories and gear on the market.

What are our most popular types of kayak fishing gear?

Kayak Fishing Crates

Kayak anglers have a lot of gear to carry, from poles, to tackle, to fishfinders and a lot more. To keep your gear tidied up and in one central spot, you'll want our YakAttack fishing crate. The hinged-lid and rigid body mean our crates are both accessible, yet waterproof and protective, while the integrated rod holders provide maximum convenience.

Rod Holders

The YakAttack Omega series rod holder is the last rod holder you'll ever need. It works with every rod type conceivable, and the extension arm gives you maximum leverage high above the water. Add in 360 degrees of rotation plus the locking mechanism and we're wondering why this rod holder isn't already in your online shopping cart.

Depth Finder & Fish Finder Mounts

Accessories are only helpful if you can easily use them on the water. With our unique LockNLoad mourning system, your accessories will remain ultra secure without getting in the way. We also offer adapters to ensure compatibility with just about any kayak track system you can think of.

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