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The PanFish Portrait Pro™ is an updated version of the original PanFish Portrait that features a more durable construction, LockNLoad base, and new YakAttack camera ball system. The LockNLoad base offers complete 360° rotation while maintaining complete gear security. Compatible with YakAttack MightyMount’s, GearTrac, and most other kayak track systems from Scotty Fishing Products, RAM Mounts, and YakGear. For FeelFree Kayaks, 3 Water Kayaks, and Jonny Boats you will need an adapter to be compatible. We offer the needed adapter in a single pack (AAP-1012) and a six pack (AAP-1012-6).

One of the most frustrating moments for photographers and videographers is when you purchase a camera mount and you find out it doesn't work with your GoPro (or vise versa). We solved the issue by including both a standard 1/4-20 camera ball (which fits most standard cameras) and a GoPro attachment, enabling you to get the perfect shot, regardless of the equipment you're using.

The LockNLoad track mount system is the most innovative mounting system on the market, and is exactly what you'd expect from the industry leaders in track mounting technology. There are 3 modes: locked, adjustment, and removal. The patent pending design is easy to use:

  • From locked mode, simply squeeze a lever to go into adjustment mode.

  • In adjustment mode, the mount can be rotated in any direction, but cannot be removed, ensuring the accessory is completely secure while making adjustments. Let go of the lever and you are back in locked mode.

  • To go to removal mode, flip the lever out, and the system easily slides off of the track mount.


The ultra-durable construction of the PanFish Portrait Pro™ is not only super lightweight - it's also incredibly rigid, reducing shake in your camera footage.

  • Utilizes the LockNLoad™ Track Mount System for easy on and off, angled articulation, and rotational pivoting
  • Durable, lightweight, and super rigid construction
  • Features the new YakAttack Camera Ball
  • For use with camera utilizing a 1/4-20 mount or GoPro Cameras
  • 11.5" Tall
  • Can add in LockNLoad Extensions for more height
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • Patent Pending
  • SKU: CMS-1001


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5 Stars
PanFish Portrait Pro™ Camera Moun

Awesome piece of equipment. Does everything as expected, and then some. Well made and very functional/adjustable.

5 Stars
Great Product

Easy to use and very adjustable. If you kayak you quickly realize that everything needs to be adjustable to ensure it is still functional and stays out of the way. I fish a pedal kayak so I definitely like how I can set the mount up where most of it is outside of the boat. Very easy to spin around and get different angles or capture the moment without fear of losing the camera and mount. I use it to get the fish as I reel to the boat and get those close up shots of the catch. Great product

5 Stars
Awesome camera mount

love this camera mount. My favourite feature is the lock n load. Its so nice to be able to push a button pull it off and move it for a better shot. I just got a doggone extention too for a nice high up shot from the back

5 Stars
Awesome camera mount

I love how this is so simple to move and adjust. But once it's on I don't have to worry about it coming off ever. And unlike the ball style I had this doesn't loosen throughout the day. I also like the ability to bring my camera inside with the push of a button. And it fits all my other lock n load bases for easy customization