Humminbird Helix® Fish Finder Mount with Track Mounted LockNLoad™ Mounting System


Product Information

No more ball mounts, no more slipping or rotating in the track. With the LockNLoad™ mounting system this is the cleanest and most secure mounting solution for the Hummingbird Helix series; 5,7,9. Features the LockNLoad mounting system offering ultra secure attachment to YakAttack GearTrac, Mighty Mount II, MightyMount XL, and most other factory-installed kayak track systems. Hardware included. Patent pending.


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5 Stars
Engineering Excellence!

This unit is well engineered to support the Helix I have it installed on. It is very strong but adjusts easily. The LockNLoad system is ingenious! Make removing the Helix for traveling a breeze. Excellent product.

5 Stars
Best mount available for electronics

I've had my big rig for a couple years now and have tried a couple different mounting options for my helix 7. While they worked they dont secure the display as well as this does. The lock n load system is absolutely ingenious. It is significantly more secure when in use and it makes so many other things easier. Because the design lets you disconnect the entire unit it comes off very easily for transport and obviously makes it very easy to reconnect everything for fishing. I have 2 omega pro rod holders that replaced the ones that came with my big rig. Only rod holders i have that arent yakattack are the ones on my jkrate. The cost is competitive with other brands out there but the quality is so much higher it makes it incredibly easy to reccommend this for pretty much any brand of fish finder, especially since they make them for all brands now. Best $50 ive spent to make using my fish finder easier in the boat. Wouldnt be surprised at all if I ever saw a bass boat using one of these.

5 Stars
Best option available

I've had other gear on my kayak since I got it. I'm so happy I spent the money on the new yakattack lock n load gear. Especially for my helix 7, this is the best kayak electronics mount available. As soon as I saw they had mounts available for humminbird I ordered it. The lock n load system makes it super easy to take the units off for transport and get it back on for fishing. The electronics arent cheap anyway so why not spend the money on the best mount available. Every bit as solid and reliable as the omega pro rod holders. Other than the rod tube on my crate everything has been replaced with yakattack gear.