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In typical YakAttack fashion, what started as an idea for a single offset RotoGrip Paddle Holder resulted in a product with a bit more versatility. The end result of the DoubleHeader Track Mount was a unique addition to the YakAttack product line that allows the ability to attach various accessories using a single attachment point. If you already own two RotoGrip Paddle Holders, then simply remove the rubber washer included with your paddle holders, insert the MightyBolt through the underside of the DoubleHeader, and tighten the body of the RotoGrip. The DoubleHeader in that configuration provides the perfect offset paddle holder solution moving your paddle off the side of your kayak, freeing up track space. Let’s say you want to add dual Omega Rod Holders for crappie fishing. The mounting holes at the end of the DoubleHeader are LockNLoad compatible and allow for easy attachment of LockNLoad accessories like the Omega or Omega Pro. Looking to maximize the number of rods on your kayak for tournament day? The DoubleHeader Track Mount serves as the perfect mounting system for dual AR Tube Rod Holders.  

If you are tight on track space, the DoubleHeader includes an additional feature to add LockNLoad accessories like YakAttack rod holders, camera mounts, and more. Simply replace the stock knob and MightyBolt from the DoubleHeader with the LockNLoad base of a rod holder or other accessories, and you are able to have multiple attachments on a short section of track or a single point of attachment like a MightyMount II. The DoubleHeader track mount is compatible with YakAttack GearTrac, MightMount XL, MightyMount Switch, MightyMount II, and most other factory-installed kayak track.

Included with the DoubleHeader are two different Track Disk. These two Track Disks are designed to provide a snug fit in either the standard YakAttack GearTrac (GT90, GTSL90, GT175, MightyMount XL) or the wider opening of the YakAttack Top Loading family of GearTrac (GTTL90 and GTTL175). If a track system came included with your kayak, try both of them and determine which one will provide the best fit.

The DoubleHeader Track Mount is made in the USA from marine grade polymers and is backed by our Built for Life Guarantee.

  • Made in the USA
  • Built for Life Guarantee
  • Single point of attachment
  • LockNLoad Compatible
  • Includes two sizes of Track Disks
  • DoubleHeader is 8.25” wide
  • The DoubleHeader Track Mount is compatible with YakAttack GearTrac, MightMount XL, MightyMount Switch, MightyMount II, and most other factory installed kayak track.

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5 Stars
DoubleHeader Track Mount

Superb product. This clearly saves precious space inside your kayak. From rod holders, to Rotogrips imagination is the only limitation here. I have put my kayaks side against steep cliff walls when anchored up for winter smallmouth and these do not even move. When trailering my kayak through the woods with the UTV I have had brush and small limbs careen off these with no sign of wear. Rock solid and extremely versatile. I own three sets.

5 Stars
Double Header Track Mount

I love this platform. Who can argue with 2-for-1? This just doubled the amount of rod holders my small skiff accommodates without drilling any more holes!

5 Stars
Double header mount

Just what I needed to get my Parkin Pole out of the cockpit of the boat! This plus 2 ParkinPole rotogrips helped me out immensely! There was a mightymount involved as well.

4 Stars
Double header rod holder

Great product! Works as advertised, it could be improved. It could be made to lock into the track mount horizontally and vertically, the locking nob could be upgraded to a quick release type… FYI quick release bobs would be great for the anchor system as well.

5 Stars
Double header track mount

I got the double header track mount to put 2 park-n-pole roto-grips on to hold the pole out of the way when not in use. The double header works fine for this. There is a little bit of flex on the double header with an 8-foot park-n-pole in it but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. I like it.

5 Stars
Doubleheader Track Mount

Have not had a chance to use it on the water yet. Mounted on my Feelfree Lure 11.5. Product seems to be up to the high standards of of all the YakAttack products I've purchased in the past. T shirt and some stickers also ordered, as always, quality products and YakAttack even sent me 2 free stickers. I'll be buying more stuff from YakAttack inthe future.

5 Stars
Yak Attack Doubleheader

Awesome! Nailed this product 110%. Someone should have thought of this product sooner.

5 Stars
Double Header

A space saver on my SS127 that provides a clean paddle storage point.

5 Stars
Double header

The one product we all needed and never knew. The uses are endless def see a few more getting ordered asap!!!

5 Stars
Double Header

Great new item. Gets my paddle clip away from my landing gear when they're in the up position. Everybody who sees it, asks about it.

5 Stars
Doubleheader Paddle Holder

Works great! Have a Bonafide SS127 and this extends far enough to hold the paddle. Great for easy, quick access.