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TowNStow Scupper Quick Start Guide

by YakAttack

Congratulations on purchasing the YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart. The TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart takes what you think a scupper cart should do and turns it on its head. This cart is collapsible, user-friendly, adjustable, robust, and features additional fore and aft hull support. With a push of a button or the turn of a knob, the TowNStow Scupper can be assembled, adjusted, or collapsed in seconds. Made in the USA to a standard of quality you have come to expect from YakAttack; the TowNStow Scupper is built from UV-resistant, high-quality, injection-molded polymers and anodized aluminum tubing and assembled with stainless steel hardware. This page combines all of the information included with your kayak cart and also includes all of the videos from our Quick Start playlist. To get set up, follow the instructions below, watch the Quick Start videos and, as always, feel free to reach out to us at 434-392-3233 or support@yakattack.us if you have any questions.


The TowNStow Scupper is designed for transportation over long distances at walking speeds. It is not designed to be towed by any other means, including motor vehicles, ATVs, bicycles, or any method that can exceed 5 miles per hour. This cart is designed to be used exclusively with kayaks that are reinforced and designed to work with scupper carts such as Hobie®.


The TowNStow Scupper requires very little maintenance, but to maximize its performance and longevity, we recommend cleaning and lubricating the wheel and hub assemblies annually, or about every 20 miles, with a grease that does not react adversely to plastic, such as a silicone grease.

In the box, you will find 2 wheels, 2 Scupper Uprights, 2 Bunks, 4 Rubber Bunk Pads, 2 Scupper Posts, and 1 axle.

1. Remove the axle from the box and install the Scupper Uprights. Before you begin, ensure the ORANGE adjustment knob on the bottom of the Upright is loose. Align the square hole in the upright with the axle and slide it onto the axle with the kickstands facing center so the measurements on the axle read accurately. Tighten the ORANGE adjustment knob to secure. Repeat for both sides.

TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart Adjustment Knob

2. Attach the wheels. Align the square axle receiver in the hub with the axle, paying attention to the orientation of the tie down slot integrated into the end of the hub. Slide the hub onto the axle until the hub retainer snaps into place, securing the wheel and hub to the axle. To remove the wheels, press down on the ORANGE Wheel Release Button behind the wheel hub and pull.

TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart Wheel Release

3. Attach Bunk and Bunk Pads. Slide the Bunks over the top of the Scupper Uprights and snap them into place with the Bunk Pad mounts running perpendicular to the axle. Once the Bunks are in place, install the four round rubber Bunk Pads on the Bunk Supports by aligning the slot on the bottom of the pad and pressing it down over the mount. Once you have pressed the pad into place, twist it 45 degrees to lock it in the secured position.

TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart Bunk Pad

4. Install the Scupper Post. Press the snap button on the bottom of the post and insert the post down into the Scupper Upright Housing, aligning the snap button with the relief hole at the base of the housing and ensuring that it locks in place. Please note: the Bunk Support will not fit over the ORANGE figure loop on the Scupper Post, so you must assemble the parts in the correct order.

TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart Scupper Post Snap Button

To see the full kayak cart how-to and fitment guide, click the banner below

TowNStow Kayak Cart How-To and fitment guide

Scupper Quick Start Guide Videos

Part 1 – Intro and unboxing

In this video we introduce the newest kayak cart in the TowNStow family, the TowNStow Scupper, and walk through unboxing every component of the cart so you know what to expect.

Part 2 – Installing the Upright Housings

In this video we discuss the new axle featured on the TowNStow Scupper, and how to install and adjust the Upright Housings to align them with the scupper holes on your kayak.

Part 3 – Installing the BeadLoc Wheels

As mentioned in the previous video, the axle of the TowNStow Scupper is different than the BarCart and Bunkster, however, the quick connect wheels attach exactly the same as before and are all interchangeable.

Part 4 – Bunks and Bunk Pads

In this video we show you how to install the Bunks and Round Rubber Bunk Pads on your TowNStow Scupper, and discuss the benefits of the fore and aft support that make our cart stand out against the competitors.

Part 5 – Scupper posts and Scupper Barbs

In this video we show you the final step in assembling your TowNStow Scupper and walk through the functionality of the Scupper Posts and how to use the Scupper Barbs.

Hobie Kayak Fitment Photos

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Compass Duo

Compass Duo

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Compass


YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Lynx


YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Outback


YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Passport 10.5 R

Passport 10.5 R

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Passport 12 R

Passport 12 R

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 12

Pro Angler 12

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

Pro Angler 14

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Revolution 11

Revolution 11

YakAttack TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Hobie Mirage Revolution 13

Revolution 13