Employee Favorites - Gear Guide

by YakAttack

John Hipsher | Marketing Manager

MultiMount Cup Holder

I know it sounds unexpected, but I have said it several times on a few podcasts, to customers, or to our dealers. My favorite product is the MulitMount Cup Holder. I know you are thinking, “out of all the accessories that YakAttack makes, you pick a cup holder?” For me, it comes down to a few things that led me to this decision. The first one being you never know how much you rely on something until you do not have it. There have been countless times I have either forgotten one or was in a different kayak that did not have the place to attach a MultiMount Cup Holder. I go to put down a drink, thinking it isn’t going to tip over, and of course, I am wrong, and it spills all over the place. I use this product so much that I make sure to have extra in my car to not get into this situation. Currently, I use a minimum of three cup holders on my Bonafide SS127. One of them typically has a bottle of water in it, and the other two are dedicated to lures. Before I launch, I will always put my top five lures that are not in use in a cup holder, so I have easy access to change up my presentations as quickly as possible. If I have them in reach, I am more likely to retie more often than repeatedly casting the same unproductive lure. The second lure designated cup holder is for old lures that I just cut off or soft plastics that are not useable anymore. Within a few hours, all of my cup holders are full of lures, and by doing so, it keeps my deck clean and free of hooks and old plastics and makes it easier to clean at the end of the day. I have never had it happen but always have the thought in the back of my mind of having to reenter my kayak after flipping, only to end up with a treble hook embedded in my knee. Keeping a clean, organized kayak is a crucial goal and helps make my time on the water more effective and efficient. Many kayaks lack deep space organization, so for being a simple cup holder, I find myself using them more than any other accessory.

YakAttack multimount cup holder

Patrick D'Antonio | Manufacturing Engineer

TurnKey Adapter 90°

I have switched over from kayak fishing to using my Tracker Grizzly 1148 Jon boat more often in the past year. I needed a change of pace, and it allows my girlfriend and I to go fishing together. The Tracker that I have features a built-in track in the gunwale. The Versatrack in the gunwale spans about 10’ on both sides, so it offers a lot of versatility for accessories for different types of fishing or even duck hunting. My favorite YakAttack product is the 90° TurnKey Adapter because it allows me to utilize any of our track-mounted accessories on my boat. The long track length allows for each angler located in the front, middle, or rear of the boat to have their own accessories like a cup holder and rod holder. I mounted a smaller fish finder near the stern to see essential readings while driving the boat and mounted a larger unit on the bow for when I am on the casting deck using the trolling motor. At the end of the day, I can easily remove the rod holders, fish finders, and other accessories and leave the 90° adapters attached to the track. The TurnKey system allows for top loading into the track. With there only being two entry points into the track (one at the bow and one at the stern), it allows me to attach an accessory anywhere on the track without needing a specified entry point. This makes rigging on-the-go easy and doable. The mounting system is user friendly, and with the unique design of the TurnKey bolt and system, I know my rod holders and other accessories aren’t going to slide out of the track. 

YakAttack 90 degree tracker boat mount for aluminum boats

Tony Rivera | Customer Service Representative 

ParkNPole 7’ 8”

The product's name itself begins with the letter “P” as in Preparedness, Precaution, and Presentation. The ParkNPole 7’ 8” reminds me to be prepared for shallow water situations. It also acts as a symbol for precaution as I approach four feet of water or less and use the ParkNPole as a stakeout pole to ward off hull destroyers like logs and sharp sedimentary rocks, which is a testament in itself for measuring rigidity. And finally, it allows me to create and control lure presentation more accurately by keeping the kayak stationary for flipping and pitching or just off the bank fishing drop-offs. I like the fact that I do not need to take up any of my available Geartrac space to transport the pole on my kayak. I simply use the pre-molded paddle holder/bungee to keep it secure and readily available. I am also saving tons of money by purchasing such a simple to use product, rather than going through the rigging process of a Micro Power Pole anchor system on my stern. I have many times used my ParkNPole to unhook snagged lures in just a few feet of water, which again is saving me big bucks! And now to end this review with another word beginning with the letter “P”, I have determined that this product is one of the most practical YakAttack products I own for situational fishing throughout the year.

YakAttack ParkNPole Stakeout Pole for kayaks

Sundari Cifers | Marketing and Operations Coordinator  

Panfish Portrait Pro

As our marketing coordinator, one of my favorite aspects of the job is the opportunity to do videography and photography for YakAttack. In 2019, my job became much easier with the launch of our new camera mounts – especially the PanFish Portrait Pro. My favorite aspect of this product is the ability to go from a track-mounted camera (useful for paddling shots or storage when I am on the move) and unlocking the LockNLoad base to remove it from the track. This is super nice because the Portrait Pro has a foam base that works perfectly as a grip to keep my shots nice and steady while using it as a handheld camera. Additionally, I often switch from my GoPro Hero 7 to my Canon DSLR, so having the option to easily change from a GoPro mount to a ¼"-20 tripod stud mount is a must for me – and not something I knew I needed until I had access to it. Finally, I like how safe it keeps my gear. Keeping a camera on the water can get a little sketchy. Still, with the PanFish Portrait Pro, if I have to adjust the camera angle, I can easily adjust the angle on the LockNLoad base, and it does not flop all over the place or removing itself on accident.

YakAttack Panfish Portrait Pro Camera Mount