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Secure your kayak fishing gear without bulky leashes or floats using the YakAttack Track Mount Retractor. This super versatile unit combines the innovation you've come to expect from YakAttack and genuine T-Reign retracting mechanism, 36" Kevlar cord, and a removable 4" tether. Designed for track mounting, this kit comes complete everything you need to direct attachment to YakAttack GearTrac and most other kayak track systems. GearTrac not included. 
  • UV Resistant High Density Polyethylene
  • 36" Kevlar Cord 
  • Removable 4" tether
  • Patent Pending
  • SKU: RET-1002


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5 Stars
Secure your catch

I’m very satisfied with the track mounted retractable tether. This product feels solid and very well made. An added advantage is that it will make it much easier for me to secure my catch, while allowing me to be hands free. This really is a necessity when tournament fishing in that keeping the fish in the water is healthier for the fish and allows the angler to set up quickly for a quick photo and release. The T-Reighn is like having an extra arm. The track mount for s a simple added bonus that helps minimize another thing to add to your vest. Great job Yakattack!

5 Stars
Great addition

Perfect for your favorite pliers or even your phone...basically, for anything you dont want to sink!

5 Stars
track mount retractor

Great quality strong smooth retraction mounts to ram track.