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The Rigging Bullet™ with #10-32 threads provide an easy way to install mounts in out of reach places where before the only previous options would have been self-threading screws, well nuts, or pop rivets. The three different threads on our rigging bullets are designed to fit whatever mount you prefer to use. Use Rigging bullet #10-32 threads for our Generation II GT175, Top Loading GTTL175, and the classic GT175 with a FullBack Backing Plate. Also compatible with LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD. Sold in a pair.
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: RB1032

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5 Stars
Wow!! Ingenious!!!

At first I thought 15 bucks for two bolts and a 4 nuts? You are kidding right? But as I watched the videos after struggling with the short arm syndrome, I had to give it try. Wow, this is MANDATORY equipment for rigging your kayaks...especially in those hard to reach places. TWO THUMBS UP!!! Whoever came up with this idea is a genius! lol.

5 Stars
Amazing Product!

I was scratching my head wondering how I was going to attach my yakattack anchor trolley to my new Eddieline Caribbean 14 angler because I had no reachable access to the back end of my yak, (Well, I was thinking of attaching it with robots ) , but after finding out about the rigging bullets and watching the video I discovered a better and more secure way!

5 Stars
Worked exactly how it should

Easy to use, got the hd trolley pulleys right in place and secured for walleye fishing in the river currents. Watched the video and got it done in 20 mins. Rigging done on an Old Town PDL