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The PadHook, a simple but clever design by YakAttack that combines the functionality of both a pad-eye and a hook can be used in applications ranging from anchor trolleys, deck rigging, and other installs where bungee, rope, or other cordage are used. When used with the YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley or other anchor trolley systems the PadHook is a great tool for guiding the trolley lines and keep even the tightest trolley lines in place on the side of the kayak, not over your gunwale.


  • Six PadHooks
  • Stainless steel hardware included.
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: AMS-1007

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4 Stars
Does what it is supposed to do

Easy to install and keeps your anchor trolly line in order.

5 Stars
works as wanted

I have 13.5 kayak and needed a little extra guides on trolly very nice

5 Stars
No price on good hardware

Simple little peice of hardware and GREAT for Anchor trolley systems. They keep the like nice and neat along the side of my kayak, no tangles. Also great for tie down anchors and other cord guides

5 Stars
Neat design.

I appreciate these. They keep may anchor line on my trolley tucked away where it belongs.

5 Stars
Innovative product

These pad hooks are a excellant option for running your lines for a anchor trolley. They look good on my kayak as well. Yak Attack products have made my kayak look like a pro set it up.