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This adapter creates compatibility between accessories utilizing the original YakAttack MightyBolt as well as other 1/2" wide head t-bolts with the FeelFree Freedom Track and Uni-Bar. Made from anodized aluminum, this adapter is suitable for harsh marine environments, and form fits to create a secure and snug connection between accessories and the FeelFree Uni-Track. The Mighty Bolt, t-bolt, is not included. 

  • Aluminum Adapter Plate and O-Ring 
  • Military grade, Hard anodized aluminum
  • Creates compatibility of YakAttack, RAM, and Scotty T-bolts on FeelFree UniTrack
  • Suitable for harsh marine environments
  • 6 Pack
  • Compatible with FeelFree, Johnny Boats, and 3 Waters Kayaks
  • SKU: AAP-1012-6

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5 Stars
Track adaptors

They work perfectly.

5 Stars
Must Have for Lure 11.5

If you own a feel free kayak these are a must have. Phenomenal product!

5 Stars
Feelfree Unitrack Adapters

I bought some Feelfree Unitrack adapters to use with some of the Yak Attack products I have. I couldn’t get the products to stay tight when attached to the Unitrack, and these adapters work like perfection.

5 Stars

Worked like a charm!

5 Stars
Simple and Necessary!!

I just picked up a Feelfree Lure 13.5 and wanted to move my Scotty holder over to it but the tracks on the feelfree are HUGE! So I ordered these and they worked perfect. You don't have to remove the end caps on the rails to insert these, just insert them diagonally and they'll squeeze in. Tightened up my gear head adapter and had a solid mount. Beats the hell out of paying $30 for one of the feelfree mounts! Now That I know this is a local homegrown Virginia based company, I'll definitely be purchasing more from them.