VIDEO: Winter Kayak Fishing Skills from Jeff Little and Juan Veruete

by YakAttack

Learning the process of reentering your kayak is a quintessential piece of knowledge and shouldn't be taken lightly. It doesn't matter if you paddle in only warm or cold water knowing and practicing the steps to flip your kayak upright and re-boarding with minimal effort and proper technique should be a part of every kayak angler's yearly practice. In this video join long time YakAttack team members Jeff Little and Juan Veruete as they discus cold water kayak fishing basics including dry suits, layering, 120 rule, what to bring with you, and the proper technique for flipping your kayak upright and re-boarding. Every year there are countless reports in the news of paddlers and kayak anglers who died because they didn't have the right gear or clothing for the water/air temperature as well as anglers who drowned because they were unable to flip and re-board their kayak. These as essential skills and paddling knowledge that everyone who spends time on the water should know, so if you know of someone who could use a refresher or who frequently paddles in cold conditions please share this with them.