VIDEO: Back Bay - Full Film

by YakAttack

Back in the day Back Bay near the Virginia / North Carolina state line on the Atlantic coast was an amazing world class Largemouth Bass fishery, and one of the best in the nation for catching Largemouth on the fly. At 25,000 acres Back Bay produced outstanding numbers and a impressing amount of citation Largemouth each and every year. One year it produced more citation LargeMouth Bass than any other lake in the country. Around the early 80's Back Bay started to see a decline and went from producing 194 citation Largemount Bass in 1983 to only 43 in 1984. In this film presented by Flymen Fishing Co. and in association with YakAttack team member and local VA angler Cory Routh of Ruthless Outdoor Adventures they document the rise, fall, and hopefully the reemergence of Back Bay.