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VIDEO: 2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament: Through the Lens with Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis

by Video by Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis

2017 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament

Local Virginia anglers and YakAttack team members, Josh Dolin and Grant Alvis made their yearly trek to Green Bay, VA for the 9th Annual YakAttack Tournament for a weekend of camping, smoked BBQ, and hanging with old friends. Now let’s not forget about the fishing. These two are some of the most diehard and dedicated anglers you will ever find. If it involves water and any species of fish Josh and Grant will battle it out to see who can land the biggest fish, and for the YakAttack Tournament they were gunning for the 2017 title. For both of these anglers this marks their 5th YakAttack Tournament and they have each placed in the top 5 for the 4 divisions most of the years including a Slam win for Grant at the 2014 tournament. Check out their video below giving a bird’s-eye view of the event and all its festivities and maybe some late night shenanigans at the local Wal-Mart. For the 2017 tournament, Josh came in 3rd place for the Crappie division and Grant came in 2nd place for the Slam with 38.00 combined inches for his best Bluegill, Crappie, and Bass. Follow Josh and Grant for their podcast, blog, and fishing updates at http://www.fishhardorstayhome.com.

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