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The Evolution of Fishing Kayaks and Rigging

by Michael Guyer

YakAttack Team Member Michael Guyer purchased his first kayak in 2004. Not only was he attracted to getting back to a simplistic way of fishing, it also opened up locations that power boats could not access. Since the boom of the kayak fishing movement, upgrading and outfitting kayaks with the latest and greatest accessories and technology has skyrocketed. Currently, Michael Guyer is on his fourth kayak.

Michael Guyer YakAttack Team Member- Kayak FishingThere are countless reasons why an angler would choose to continue to upgrade their kayak but at the forefront of every list is most likely that the kayak industry is constantly growing and improving. Kayak manufacturers receive input from their customers and pro staff members and use this insight to build fishing kayaks superior to their last model. That being said, it is not just the kayaks that have evolved with the sport but the accessories that are available to the kayak angler have also expanded.

Kayak Fishing- YakAttack Regional Team Member

For Michael Guyer, his reasons for upgrading accessories and rigging his kayak were simple, he wanted tools that would aid him in catching more fish. The tools that helped him do this? A fish finder, stake out pole, and anchor trolleys on both sides of the kayak. Guyer's rigging did not stop there, he added a milk crate for his tackle boxes, a homemade flag for daytime visibility and a rod holder. He learned a lot of valuable lessons from that first kayak, one being never invest in a kayak you have not paddled first. Even doing extensive research on a kayak prior to purchasing is not enough.

It wasn't long until Michael upgraded his fishing kayak, and the rigging continued. Michael, like the industry itself, is constantly evolving his kayaks to improve the "fishability". In late 2011 he purchased the 2012 Wilderness Systems Ride 135. At the time of purchase, the kayak was a plain Jane. It did not take Guyer long to outfit it with fishing lights from SuperNova, a fish finder, a rudder, and an impressive collection of YakAttack accessories. At this time YakAttack had released their ParkNPole stake-out pole, NITEStripe reflective tape, and had made the milk crate nearly obsolete with the BlackPak.

Michael Guyer- Regional YakAttack Team MemberToday Michael is rocking a Wilderness A.T.A.K. Since rigging his first kayak with an anchor trolley on each side of the kayak, reduced down to one side to provide a better fish yield for him. His favorite anchor trolley he has owned thus far is the YakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley HD utilizing the Stealth Pulley. His goal is and always will be increasing the "fishability" of his kayak, because of this his current kayak is rigged with YakAttack classics like the Zooka Tube Rod HolderBullwinkle Rod StagerTrack Mounted Retractor, and top loading GearTrac. He also has some newer additions to the YakAttack family such as the RotoGrip Paddle HolderVertical Tie-downs, and much more.

Fishing Kayak Rigging- YakAttack Team Member Michael guyer

Everything on Guyer's kayaks, past and present has a purpose; from the rod holders that allow him to troll better, the SuperNova fishing lights and VISICarbon Pro for visibility on the water, the BlackPak and RotoGrip Paddle Holders that help with organization, and the camera mounts that capture each fishing moment.