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PaddleTV Best in Class Awards – Winners Announced

by YakAttack

Ken Whiting, a well-known paddler, instructor, TV host, and YouTuber, has announced the winners of PaddleTV's third annual Best in Class Awards. Ken tested and created gear review content all summer long, focusing on some of the most intriguing paddle gear available. Ken has narrowed the list to the critical products that truly stood out to enhance a paddler's on-the-water experience. The Best-in-Class awards are a logical progression from PaddleTV's Buyer's Guide YouTube series, honoring the "best of the best" in paddlesports. The Best-in-Class awards, which Heliconia produces, are a genuine and objective celebration of the best paddlesports goods that Ken examined in 2023. The best items in each category are highlighted below and in Ken’s video he explains the rationale behind each product that made 2023’s Best in Class list.

2023 PaddleTV Best Paddling Gear Award Winners 

About Ken Whiting
Ken Whiting is a world-champion kayaker, author of 12 books and videos about paddling, and the host of the world’s largest paddle sports YouTube channel, PaddleTV. Ken is also the host of Facing Waves, a leading outdoors paddle sports adventure show. He is one of the most accomplished and respected paddle sport professionals in the world. Through his project, Ken hopes to help get people outdoors and have positive, enriching experiences that will result in them being life-long outdoor participants.

About Heliconia

Heliconia’s goal is simple – to get more people outside and to help them become lifetime outdoor participants. The award-winning video production company does this by showcasing outdoor adventure and adventure travel through inspiring and educational content with industry-leading influencers. Heliconia currently produces seven unique media projects, providing authentic storytelling opportunities for every adventure and every destination. These series include: Epic Trails, Facing Waves, Adventure Cities, Great Family Adventure, Hook, Line & History, Road Trip Angler, and Outdoor Eats. For more information, visit www.heliconia.ca.