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New Sand Tires for TowNStow Kayak Carts

by YakAttack

Following the launch of the TowNStow BarCart, Bunkster, and Scupper the biggest need from our retailers and customers was the want for sand tires. We are excited to make the announcement that sand tires go live on Wednesday 3/27 at 9 AM EST. Sand tires will be available separately for those who already have a TowNStow Kayak Cart and each cart will be offered to include a set of sand tires for those who have been waiting. Our sand tires are interchangeable with our original rubber tread BeadLoc Wheels and feature the same quick connect attachment and push-button removal.

YakAttack TowNStow Bunkster kayak wheels with sand tires

Sand Tire Specs:

  • Size - 14" diameter, 7" wide
  • Weight Capacity - 121 lbs. per tire
  • Weight - 5 lbs. 4 oz.
  • Max PSI - 3 lbs.
  • Only compatible with YakAttack TowNStow Kayak Carts

Sand Tire for YakAttack TowNStow Kayak Carts

The TowNStow Sand Tire features an air-filled, balloon tire made from PVC, mounted on an injection molded two-piece wheel. The air-filled tires are optimized for various soft surfaces, including sand and mud, and yes, they are YakAttack Orange. The wheels are made from UV-resistant, high-quality, injection-molded polymers and assembled with stainless steel hardware. They feature sealed hubs to keep out sand and grit and are designed for use in harsh outdoor and marine environments. Like the BeadLoc hard surface wheels, the TowNStow Sand Tires are interchangeable with all YakAttack TowNStow kayak carts, and easily snap in place and are removed with a push of a button.

TowNStow BarCart Kayak Cart with Sand Tires

YakAttack BarCart kayak cart with sand wheels for use at the beach

TowNStow Bunkster Kayak Cart with Sand Tires

YakAttack Bunkster Kayak Cart with sand tires for use at the beach

TowNStow Scupper Kayak Cart with Sand Tires

YakAttack townstow scupper with balloon wheels for use in the sand

Why Sand Tires?

For kayak anglers who frequently launch their kayaks in sandy environments, having sand tires on their kayak carts can make a huge difference in their overall fishing experience. Sand is notoriously difficult to navigate through, especially for small, narrow, or firm wheeled kayak carts. The soft and shifting terrain can cause traditional hard tires to sink and get stuck, making it nearly impossible to transport a kayak to and from the water's edge. This not only adds unnecessary stress and frustration to the already physically demanding task of loading and unloading a kayak, but it can also waste valuable fishing time.

YakAttack scupper kayak cart with Hobie Lynx

Sand tires, on the other hand, are specifically designed to tackle the challenges of sandy environments. These tires are wider and have a larger surface area, allowing them to distribute the weight of the kayak and cart more evenly, preventing sinking and getting stuck. This means kayak anglers can easily maneuver their carts over sand dunes, through soft beach sand, and even in shallow water without worrying about their cart getting stuck.

YakAttack Bunkster Kayak Cart with sand tires for use at the beach