How To Kayak Fish South Florida | Episode 2: Peacock Bass with Robwil Valderrey and Denes Szakacs

by YakAttack

In this episode follow Denes and YakAttack team member Robwil on a south Florida adventure targeting one of their favorite species, the Peacock Bass. Tune in as the crew covers tactics, techniques, and tackle they use to catch these unique fish. The canals where Peacock Bass can be found are perfect for targeting from a kayak and is a commonly used option for angers in this area. 

In 1984, after 10 years of study, Florida officials deliberately introduced butterfly peacock bass and speckled peacock bass to the southern region of that state to prey on other non-native species, including the oscar, Midas cichlid, and spotted tilapia. Their introduction also provided additional sport fishing opportunities for anglers. While the butterfly peacock bass has flourished in Florida, the speckled peacock bass has not. Therefore, it is now illegal to kill or possess speckled peacock bass in Florida. The butterfly peacock bass tends to flourish in the canals and fresh waterways throughout south Florida. Because of their tropical origins, peacock bass cannot tolerate low water temperatures. This has prevented them from becoming abundant in Florida outside of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.