End of Season Rigging Event

by YakAttack

As we approach the end of the busy season, we have to take a moment to think about the past 1.5 years and everything this industry has experienced. In 2020, we started with the unknown of Covid and ended with the hottest the industry has been in the past few decades. The 2020 season never really slowed down, and 2021 was on fire all year. The effect of everyone getting outside and interested in kayaking and kayak fishing as a way to get back to the outdoors and find an alternative to traditional leisure activities or vacations created a huge demand for kayaks and paddle sports equipment. Many of our dealers across the country struggled to keep kayaks in stock and/or had extremely low inventory during the 2020 and 2021 paddle sports seasons. The supply chain issues for many companies still exist today, and kayak manufacturers can not produce kayaks fast enough to keep up with the demand. As a way to help these local kayak shops attract more business to their stores and websites, we are doing an End of Season Rigging Event. From August 16 - 31 YakAttack dealers can offer up to 15% off on all YakAttack products, excluding battery kits(only at participating retailers). Here is the link to find a dealer near you.

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End of Season Rigging Event - YakAttack