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Employee Favorites - Gear Guide 2021

by YakAttack

John Hipsher | Marketing Manager

DoubleHeader with Dual RotoGrip Paddle Holders

About two years ago I made the switch to my primary kayak having a Torqeedo motor and I have been searching for the ideal paddle storage solution. Having been a paddler most of my life and using a paddle when kayak fishing most of my kayak fishing career having a paddle easily within reach is a must have for my rigging setup. For me the motor is mainly used to help propel me from spot to spot but once I get to the next fishing location I tend to rely on the ole trusty paddle. I feel it helps add to the stealthy nature of what makes kayak fishing unique and the paddle helps me navigate throughout the spot and push off trees and rocks if they come into play. The DoubleHeader with Dual RotoGrip Paddle Holders has been the solution I was looking for. It allows me to keep the paddle offset from my kayak’s tracks and out of the way when I do not need it, yet in an instant I can grab my paddle for quick action. The soft rubber rollers of the RotoGrips minimize extra noise and with having two attachment points I know my paddle is safe and secure. In most situations I am using a Zooka II Rod Holder in conjunction with the DoubleHeader. To do this you are able to swap out the stock knob on the DoubleHeader with the LockNLoad track base found on the Zooka II (or any YakAttack rod holder). For me, this rod holder serves as the location to quickly drop in the rod butt after catching a fish to remove the hook or to retie lures or a leader. By combining the Zooka II with the DoubleHeader takes up less room my forward track opening up other rigging possibilities if the need arises.

DoubleHeader with RotoGrips Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak

Tony Rivera |Shipping Manager
Cellblok/Switchblade Combo Kit

I recently purchased a NuCanoe Unlimited and one of the first projects for the new kayak was to setup a fish finder. In years past I have not installed a fish finder on many of my kayaks, but with the Unlimited there is a ton of open space so adding a fish finder was a must. To make the install as clean as possible I opted to go with the YakAttack CellBlok as the main accessory for this setup. With the CellBlok and SwitchBlade Transducer Arm now being offered as a combo it is easier than ever to get what I needed to complete this install. In addition, I needed the Rectangular Fish Finder Mount for my Garmin Striker 5cv and a YakAttack 10ah lithium battery kit. The transducer arm and display mount attach directly to the top of the CellBlok and the lithium battery is stored on the inside. I am able to wrap and secure all of the excess wires using the built in features of the CellBlok, so the end result is a clean, grab and go system. My Garmin travels with me to and from the lake with ease. I can grab the entire unit all in one swoop. My fish finding capabilities can be transferred to any kayak that I use, as long as the kayak has 10.5” of track space.

Tony YakAttack CellBlok Fish Finder kayak mounting system Ascend 10T

Joey Pruitt | Design Engineer

LockNLoad Fish Finder Mount

One of my favorite products and something I cannot fish without is the Lowrance Fish Finder Mount. I use it to attach a Lowrance Elite Ti 7 on my Hobie Outback. I like it because it is easy and secure. It allows me adjust my fish finder exactly where I want it, out of the way for casting and paddling but still at the right angle for easy viewing. What sets YakAttack fish finder mounts apart from others is how easy it is to adjust. A squeeze of the trigger on the LockNLoad Mounting System or loosening the ergonomic wing knobs is all it takes. My fish finder does not flop around while doing so thanks to the interlocking teeth. Once I have it adjusted, I do not have to loosen the wing knobs to remove my fish finder from the kayak at the end of the day. I can simply release the LockNLoad trigger and everything stays locked in place. Next time I head out on the water all I have to do is drop it on the LockNLoad base and go, saving me precious time on the water.

Joey Hobie Outback with Yakattack lowrance fish finder mount

Wade Clements | Inventory Manager

Omega Pro Rod Holder

Long before I was an employee at YakAttack, I was a kayak angler and a big fan of the brand. When the time came for me to upgrade and build a true fishing platform, I purchased an original Bonafide Kayaks SS107, and the very first accessory I added to my kayak was the Omega Pro Rod Holder. To this day, it is still my favorite and a staple for any build I start. While all YakAttack rod holders are quality products, it’s the locking collar on the Omega that sets it apart for my needs. As an avid river fisherman, my passion is to explore new stretches of water, and you never know what could be around the next bend. I have put my Omega Pro rod holders to the test on multiple occasions, and they have never let me down. One day in particular, I flipped while running a set of rapids. I did not expect the rod holders to be attached to the boat when I got it flipped upright, but in the end, they were all there. Having the security that I know my investment will be protected is priceless, but the locking collar is not the only feature that sets the Omega apart from others. The LockNLoad Mounting System featured on the Omega takes its versatility to another level. With a quick squeeze of the trigger or turn of a knob, I can articulate my rods in any position I want. At the end of the day, I simply open the trigger to remove the rod holder all together, leaving the LockNLoad track bases attached to my kayak where I like them, ready for the next adventure.

YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder on a Bonafide SS fishing kayak

Luther Cifers | CEO

TBD - Kayak Cart

When I was asked to write about my favorite YakAttack product, I had to break the rules a little. Technically it is not a product yet since we are in the final stages of development, but the product I am most excited about using in the coming year is the new YakAttack kayak cart. I think we have built a lot of good products at YakAttack over the years, but in my opinion, this could be one of the best yet. One of the biggest challenges we always face is making sure that every product we design adds something to the marketplace – meaning it has to be different (hopefully better) than current industry offerings. A lot of people have suggested that with so many kayak carts on the market, it is going to be really tough to pack any real innovation into a new one. As it turns out, not only are there unique features in this cart, but MOST of the features are unique. I’m super excited to see us launch a cart that works with every hull, fits inside most hatches, adjusts without tools, offers never-before-seen versatility, and has “super duty” durability, and all at a competitive price point. Stay tuned!