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Bass University Presents: Kayak Bass University

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Fishing is a unique sport compared to other traditional sports like baseball, basketball, golf, etc. in regards to when you go fishing, you are not guaranteed that you will catch fish. You can go through the motions and cast over and over again, but the result of catching may or may not occur. If you play a game of basketball, you are untimely playing basketball, and if you are playing a round of golf, then you are playing golf. Don’t get me wrong, progressing in any sport takes hours and hours of dedication. When fishing, you are dealing with many variables that are out of your control, like barometric pressure, water clarity, temperature, seasonality, etc., so the more experience you have in similar conditions, the more successful you will be. Most of us wish we had unlimited time to spend on the water, but with life obligations, we have limited time on the water. The hours we get to spend fishing would much rather be spent catching, and to do this, knowledge and education play a critical role. This is where organizations like The Bass University come into play. 

Founded in 2009 by professional anglers Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek, The Bass University offers the premier bass fishing education programs—online, in the classroom, and on the water. Their motto is “Never Stop Learning,” The Bass University strives to build effective programs that can help anglers of all skill levels gain confidence in new tactics and techniques to catch big bass consistently. The Bass University has quickly expanded in North America and worldwide, with many online subscribers to The Bass University TV in Panama, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain, Mexico, and South Africa. Their students come from all skill levels, from beginner youths and adults, all the way up to the top pro anglers. In May 2023, The Bass University announced launching classes and content specifically for kayak anglers. The classes and content will feature some of the nations top kayak angler and will cover topics ranging from kayak rigging to technique specific videos. Kayak fishing presents a unique set of added variable so gather knowledge from those who do it best is critical in creating educational content for the next generation of top tier kayak anglers. 

Three things contribute to participant retention in the sport of fishing and kayak fishing; water access, game management, and education. The COVID pandemic forced a record number of people outside, and many found the sport of fishing and kayaking as a new hobby or reignited their old passion for the sport. Kayak sales and the number of fishing licenses sold during the years of COVID hit record numbers, and as a sport and community, it is essential to keep new kayak anglers interested in the sport and through education, anglers can learn the skills needed to keep catching and finding their next personal best. Below is a press release from The Bass University describing details about their new kayak platform.

Bass University Kayak - Sign Up Here

Bass University Presents: Kayak Bass University

Bass University, the leading provider of bass fishing education is proud to announce Kayak Bass University. We are excited to work with the top professional kayak anglers in the country and expand the Bass University program into kayak bass fishing. On May 30, 2023, Kayak Bass University training courses are live on bassu.tv. Anglers can sign up at www.bassu.tv/kayak.

Bass University is committed to providing anglers with the knowledge, techniques, and strategies required to catch more & bigger bass. Our team of seasoned and accomplished professional anglers shares their expertise, insider tips, and secrets of the trade, helping you develop the skills necessary to succeed.

Many Bass University students love to enjoy this amazing sport from a kayak and have consistently requested that Bass University bring training classes to the program tailored for kayak anglers. Kayak Bass University will do exactly that. Offering classroom and on-the-water seminars with the top professional kayak anglers in the world.

Whether you're a seasoned kayak angler or a beginner, our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including lure & color selections, seasonal patterns, understanding electronics, breaking down structure & cover, tournament-winning strategies, and much more. Our instructors will guide you through techniques that can be applied anywhere, helping you unlock the secrets to consistently catching bass.

“Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing segments in all of fishing! It’s not only accessible and affordable, but also provides a unique, exciting way to fish for bass! As a kayak angler myself, I can tell you that there are many differences and variations on how to bass fish from a kayak. Utilizing some of the BEST kayak pro anglers in the world, this new Bass U series is sure to give Kayak anglers an advantage and help shave the learning curve!” said Mike Iaconelli, co-founder of Bass University

“We have a committed and passionate group of kayak bass anglers at the Bass University that have requested Bass University-style kayak training. With the release of Kayak Bass University, students can be confident that they are getting the top kayak fishing training available in the industry as they pursue their passion for bass fishing from a kayak,” said Pete Gluszek (The Dean) co-founder of Bass University.

Bass University Kayak Training is Available Now

  • Ryan Lambert - 2020 Hobie Tournament of Champions, 2021 Hobie BOS Champion
    • Topic - Rigging a Kayak

  • Jody Queen - Hobie BOS Grand Champion, Hobie Worlds Qualifier
    • Topic - How to fish out of a Kayak

  • Drew Gregory - 2022 Bassmaster AOY, 2020 Hobie BOS AOY, 6 National wins in 2022
    • Topic - Jig Fishing Strategies

Additional kayak bass fishing courses will be released weekly at bassu.tv and include a multitude of important topics such as Launching a Kayak, Lipless Cranking-Kayak Style, Fishing the Ned Rig, Chatterbait vs Swim Jig, How to Approach Targets from a Kayak and many more.

Bass University is offering new members a 30-day free trial or 33% off an annual subscription that also includes a prize pack valued at over $50 (Kayak Bass University Hat, and a Tackle Pack including Rapala, Zman, VMC and Big Bite Baits). Included with a Bass University subscription are member benefits on a multitude of products including Rapala, Storm, VMC, Cashion Rods, Aqua Vu, Missile Baits, Hobie Eyewear, Cortland Line, and much more. Sign up at bassu.tv/kayak.