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Bahamas to Bastrop - Eugene Mora III

by Eugene Mora III

What a year it has been. My fishing calendar had been filling up since 2016, and since then April by far was going to be the busiest month. Big plans to fish kayak bass events of two different series and a few offshore trips in between. The excitement was building as I knew that in short time, tournament season would be in full swing; two KATS (Kayak Angler Tournament Series) events, and the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Battle of the Bahamas. The two most important and toughest have to be the Battle of the Bahamas and the KATS event on Decker Lake near Austin Texas. What makes them so taxing is the fact that they were a week and 2300 miles apart.

From one week to the next my Wilderness Radar 135 fishing kayak with the Helix PD Pedal Drive went from trolling in 1200+ feet of water to flipping and pitching into 4-6 feet. As you can imagine the fishing gear, prep, and mentality were complete 180’s of each other.

In the Bahamas I was rigging live Goggle Eyes, dodging towering waves, and fishing for Wahoo, Tuna, and Dolphin. Fishing in completely new waters against some of the best and most experienced anglers to every paddle/peddle was an absolutely amazing experience. It was not my first time offshore kayak fishing, but it was a totally different style of fishing because of the water clarity and species. Having my Radar rigged with various YakAttack accessories made rod placement (which is ultra important) very simple. Strategically placed tie-down eyelets made leashing and securing a snap, while my paddle grip holder made for the perfect gaff holster. Although we did not have ideal conditions and I did not catch my target species, I did catch many fish and made unforgettable memories; Fishing in the bluest of blue waters, competing for $10,000, and jockeying my way through towering waves. You haven’t lived until you kayak in conditions that included scattered showers, 10-12 ft swells, and giant hammerheads.

Fast forward many miles and a mere 7 days. Here you find me just outside of Austin Texas on Decker Lake. The Kayak Angler Tournament Series was hosting event #4 of their series and Decker Lake has produced some giant limits in the past. It’s primarily a flipping and pitching lake because of the massive amounts of reeds and cattails that line the shores.

Here again I had the Wilderness Radar 135 and Helix PD which turned out to be the best thing for the unbelievably windy conditions. Had I not had the Helix PD I would not have been able to fish because of average wind s up to 38 mph winds. To make sure everything I needed in the boat stayed in the boat, I utilized the tie down eyelets, RotoGrip paddle holder, and my favorite rod holder, the Zooka Tube with the RAM Mounts Adapt-A-Post. What makes this my favorite rod holder is the compact size and the quick release function which allows me to move it out of the way or reposition on the fly.

The fishing was great all day long. I was fishing submerged grass and caught multiple limits of fish, but I could not find any big fish. I finished in the top 15 and gained points that go toward Championship qualification. The anglers who fish KATS are a very competitive and talented group of individuals. It’s only a matter of time until I make my way to the podium. I have the knowledge, experience, and an awesome kayak that is the Radar 135 and Helix PD. At this level in the game you have to have confidence, with YakAttack I know my kayak is fully customized with the best accessories.