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2016 Holiday Gift Guide- Top Picks by YakAttack Team Members

by YakAttack Team Members

Holiday Gift Guide for YakAttack kayak fishing gear

Shopping for an angler can be a daunting task. YakAttack Team members have put together their top picks of YakAttack products to help you choose the perfect gift for the kayak angler in your life.

  1. Leverage Landing Net, 12" x 20" Hoop with Foam Extension- There is no better feeling than catching the perfect trophy fish in the Leverage Landing Net. That's why the Leverage Landing Net is one of my favorite YakAttack products it ensures I never have to tell the story of "the one that got away". It gives me complete control to capture that trophy fish while adhering to humane catch and release practices. The net material is harmless to the fish and hooks remove easily from the net without snagging. The only thing to do once the Leverage Landing Net seals the deal is smile for the camera! - Eric SchrockYakAttack Team member- Kayak Fishing with Leverage Landing Net

    YakAttack leverage Landing Net for Kayak Fishing

  2. VISICarbon Pro- Whether you are in lake or in out in the middle of the ocean, day or night the VISICarbon Pro allows you to remain visible to other boaters. The 360 degree LED lights and orange flag can be seen from miles away. I use my VISICarbon Pro with a dedicated MightyMount on the back of my Hobie Pro Angler or on the GearTrac mounted on my YakAttack BlackPak. The VISICarbon Pro is versatile, easy to assemble, and allows you to remain safe while on the water.- Raf Vargas

    YAkAttack Team member- BoomStick Camera mount capture

  3. Boomstick Camera Mount, GoPro ready- When I'm out on the water I love to shoot video with my GoPro camera. I used to be very limited on my mounting options, but now that I have the Boomstick, I can video my catch with a number of positions. The Boomstick is designed to fit perfectly and securely in a RAM plunger mount. I mounted one right behind my seat in my kayak so I can record everything that I see throughout that day. Since it is 43" tall, it gives me a wide view and captures way more than any other camera mount I've used. Once I've caught a nice fish I can move the Boomstick with ease and take photos with awesome new angels. The Boomstick is definitely my favorite camera mount on the market and I highly recommend it. -Drew CampYakAttack Team Member- Boomstick Camera Mount

    YakAttack Boomstick Camera Mount GoPro ready for kayak fishing

  4. BlackPak- One of the fastest, most efficient ways to pack and organize your kayak is with the BlackPak by YakAttack. It can accommodate a number of individual tackle boxes to separate lures, hooks, weights, and soft plastics with additional space for leader material, floats, and tools. The light, durable construction and lid keep your tackle protected from sun and rain. You can even customize BlackPak to meet your needs by adding rod holders or mounting GearTrac. - Pam WirthYakAttack Team member- BlackPakYakAttack BlackPak
  5. RotoGrip Paddle Holder- From time to time, products come along that change the way we do things. Often these products are out of the reach of the average individual, or require so much retrofitting and re-tooling that they end up being more of a problem than the solution they are intended to be. That is not the case with the YakAttack RotoGrip paddle holder. This is more than just a paddle holder though, as it can be used to secure such tools as a ParkNPole, Leverage Landing Net, and even the butt of your favorite fishing rods, allowing for secure placement of your gear when quick deployment is a must. I for one love the fact that there are multiple options to mount the RotoGrip, from GearTrac to direct attachment using the MightyMount. This means quick mounting on most kayaks without any additional costs, making it the perfect gift for the kayak angler on your list. - William Ragulsky

    RotoGrip Paddle Holder by YakAttack- Best Product of the Year

  6. Vertical Tie Downs- The YakAttack Vertical Tie Downs are a must have for any kayak angler. Whether you're using them to help secure your kayak for transport, securing down gear for a trip down the river or to tie down your cooler for a long day on the water, you'll appreciate the versatility of this product. Combined with various types of GearTrac the Vertical Tie Downs help kayak anglers keep a myriad of kayak fishing gear accessible and secure.- Stewart Venable

    Vertical Tie Down track mounted on Nucanoe PursuitYakAttack Vertical Tie-Down

  7. Zooka Tube Rod Holder, Post and Spline- One of my favorite and most utilized Yakattack products is the Spline mounted Zooka Tube. What I like best is the versatility. I can use it with the Adapt-A-Post mount on Gear Trac behind me and simply push the button on the Adapt-A-Post and move the Zooka forward and place into the Ram Base with MightyMount if I want to start trolling. I keep a base on either side and I can troll with 2 rods or simplify switch the Zooka from side to side.- Troy MyerhoefferYakAttack Zooka Tube for kayak fishingZooka Tube Rod Holder- Mount to GearTrac or MightyMount for kayak fishing
  8. MultiMount Cup Holder- When YakAttack says "MultiMount" they mean it. You can put this thing in so many different places, its crazy! The cup comes standard with hardware to mount to GearTracand most other track systems that come on most fishing kayaks today. I started putting it on the side track on the Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. 140 and it was good, but then I noticed it was getting in the way of my paddle so I moved it. Yeah, did you notice that key word there? I moved it, easily! That's the great thing about this cup holder not only can it easily handle a bottle of water but it also handles my big Yeti Rambler without a problem. Being able to move the cup holder allows me to make on the fly adjustments based on what I'm drinking at the time. Besides the standard GearTrac hardware that comes with it I attached a camera ball to the bottom and "BOOM!" I just went from moving it around on the track system to attaching the RAM Claw and attached it to the seat tubing. Being able to add the YakAttack Camera Ball to it made that MultiMount Cup Holder even more versatile. When I didn't have a drink in it I found myself putting my pliers inside and hanging a couple of lures off of it. If you're looking for a great gift for a kayak angler, be sure to check out the MultiMount Cup Holder by YakAttack.- Bobby ClarkYakAttack MultiMount Cup Holder with 1" ScrewballYakAttack MultiMount Cup Holder mounted on GearTrac
  9. LeverLoc Anchor Trolley- The LeverLoc Anchor Trolley by YakAttack has quickly become one of the most important tools I use on the water fishing here in South Florida. Even though we don't get the insane tides that other parts of the country have, we do have some pretty intense areas. Having the ability to set your anchor and then position the boat with the flow of the current is crucial when targeting fish, and YA has gonna above and beyond with the release of the LeverLoc HD with the new Stealth Pulleys. They are low profile, smooth rolling, and very quiet. They are undoubtedly the greatest pulleys on the market and have pushed the LeverLoc even farther into perfection. What sets this trolley apart from others is the locking mechanism that eliminates the need for a cleat, keeping your trolley clean and neat when setting position. When you are using a stake out pole or a standard anchor, the LeverLoc will help "Loc and Hold" your position. Just another way YakAttack has paved the way for you to rig the dream on your kayak no matter where you are fishing.- Thad Day

    LeverLoc Anchor Trolley with Stealth PulleysYakAttack LeverLoc Anchor Trolley

  10. DogBone Camera Mount- What does every angler in the world want to do once the catch a trophy fish? Well, the answer is simple! Take a photo of it to earn those well-deserved bragging rights. While it is possible that you are fishing with one of your buddies and they can gladly put the rod down to come assist you with a photo, you should always be prepared to so on your own. My go-to item to accomplish this task is the DogBone Camera Mount. It is nice, simple and easy to set up. It also allows you get different camera angles depending on your taste. Set it on a low angle to give your photos a more dramatic feel, or set it high to allow your friends and family to get a feel of being out there with you fishing. I personally use my DogBone mainly for recording my videos I set it high to allow my GoPro to capture all of the action, especially when a fish takes the bait, the rods bends down and the reel starts singing that beautiful song we all like to hear. After I land my fish, I simply switch cameras to a point and shot, and I am able to take HD photos of my catches to share in social media. Another way to use the DogBone is to simply attach it to one of the gear tracks on the side of your kayak and set your camera underwater to get a nice and steady release shot with your kayak in the frame. These are just some of the many ways you could use your DogBone camera mount to capture incredible moments out on the water and be able to share it with the rest of the world. If you don’t have one in your arsenal of kayak fishing accessories, I highly recommend you get one as soon as possible, I can assure you that you won’t regret it. Tight lines and see you on the water! - Robwil ValderreyYakAttack Team member- DogBone Camera Mount DogBone Camera Mount