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New Horizontal and Bow Mounted Rod Staging Solutions for Fishing Kayaks

by YakAttack

Fishing kayaks have gained immense popularity among anglers seeking the ultimate on-water experience. These vessels offer unparalleled maneuverability, stealth, and access to shallow waters, making them ideal for targeting various fish species. However, one of the key challenges anglers face when fishing from kayaks is efficiently managing multiple fishing rods. For many anglers rod stored vertically in the tankwell in something like a BlackPak or a different crate can be useful but there are situations where vertically stored rods are not the best choice or for tournament anglers you might have the need for ten or more rods where multiple solutions are required.

Horizontal Rod Staging

Horizontal rod staging involves mounting a series of rods along the side or deck of the kayak, typically parallel to the waterline. This configuration allows anglers to store and retrieve rods horizontally, ensuring they are always within easy reach. Horizontal rod staging can accommodate multiple rods, allowing anglers to quickly switch between different lures or presentations. For anglers with pedal driven kayaks and bow-mounted motors horizontal rod stagers could be a unique solution to help keep rods within reach since cockpit space is limited. These rod staging options could be the perfect solution for kayak bass fishing tournament anglers. The key things to consider when researching horizontal rod staging solutions is how many rods do you need, the height of the system, and does the rod rack feature an individual security device for each rod.

sidestage rod rack from yakattack shown on an old town PDL sportsman kayak

SideStage Rod Rack

The SideStage is offered in two variations for use on kayaks and other paddlecrafts; The SideStage and The SideStage Pro. The SideStage is a lower profile version of the SideStage Pro and it can only be mounted horizontally from the kayak’s track as there is no vertical articulation. This system is sold as a pair and comes with everything you need to stage and secure up to three rods.

horizontal rod staging solutions for old town fishing kayaks

SideStage Pro Rod Rack

The SideStage Pro is an upgraded version of the SideStage that is similar to its other variations in every way, except how it attaches to your track system. The Pro version attaches to your kayak track using our LockNLoad Mounting System and gives you vertical adjustability not found on the base model. Like all products found in the LockNLoad family, you have the ability to quickly connect and disconnect from the track base and pivot a full 360 degrees. This system is sold as a pair and comes with everything you need to stage and secure up to three rods. For those looking for this type of system for their aluminum boat that features a gunwale track system, like Tracker’s Versa Track or Lund’s SportTrak, here is the LINK to a version of the SideStage Pro for you powerboat.

sidestage pro rod rack for fishing kayaks

Featured on both the SideStage and SideStage Pro is our new ClickTrac Rail and FlipGrip. The ClickTrac Rail is a new mounting platform that features a series of teeth on the top and bottom of the rail which give you the base to attach and adjust. Attach the ClickTrac Rail to the track adapter by depressing the orange button on the track mount and sliding the bottom of the ClickTrac Rail through the clamp. Once you remove pressure from the mount button, the rail will lock into place. Use this same process to adjust the overhang of the rail to achieve the desired positioning.

Sidestage pro horizontal rod management for fishing kayaks

The top half of the SideStage will be the same for all models and will come with three FlipGrips on each ClickTrac Rail. The FlipGrip slides along the top of the rail the same as the rail rides in your track mounted clamp. By depressing the orange FlipGrip release button, the cradle is free to slide up and down the ClickTrac Rail.

horizontal rod staging solutions for kayaks

The FlipGrip features three positions. In the “Open” position, it can be used simply as a rod stager. 

Next is the “Closed” position, where the FlipGrip gets its name. By flipping the retaining lever over a rubber band stretches over your rod to apply positive pressure on varying sizes of rod diameters. Finally, on the front of the FlipGrip, there is a locking lever. 

Flip the locking lever up and over the retention lever to use the “Locked” position for extra security. The mechanics of the FlipGrip allow you to apply the same pressure to rod butts and rod tips alike, and as mentioned above, the FlipGrip will work with your paddle, stakeout pole, or any tool with a diameter up to 1.25 inches.

Bow-Mounted Rod Staging

Bow-mounted rod staging involves installing a rod holder or rod rack at the front of the kayak, typically near the bow. This configuration provides anglers with a dedicated area to store rods that are actively being used. Rods mounted at the bow can be deployed quickly and easily. Bow-mounted rod staging keeps rods out of the way of paddling and casting, reducing the risk of snags or tangled line. Compared to horizontal rod staging solutions bow-mounted rod staging does not have any rod security in the case of flipping your kayak. This type of rod management solution is geared towards keeping one to four rod tips separate and in place and are commonly used with other types of rod holders when the rods are not being used.

YakAttack centerstage rod stager on an old town autopilot fishing kayak

CenterStage Rod Stager

For years forward rod staging has fallen a little short. Many kayak manufactures have designed geometry in the kayak’s hull or the front hatch for rod staging, but none have really risen to the occasion. The CenterStage Rod Stager is a track mounted forward rod stager designed for use with up to four rods that utilizes our LockNLoad system to attach to your kayak’s track. 

rod staging solutions for fishing kayaks from yakattack

From there you get the full maneuverability that the LockNLoad system offers, plus the adjustability of our new ClickTrac Rail system. The integrated ClickTrac Rail on the bottom of the stager allows you to adjust side to side with a click of a button to achieve the desired position. The CenterStage Rod Stager is made from Injection-molded, UV stabilized polymers, that will hold even in harsh marine environments. Sold as a single pack.

Yakattack bow-mounted rod stager on a fishing kayak

Horizontal rod staging and bow-mounted rod staging are essential accessories for kayak anglers seeking to enhance their fishing experience. By providing convenient and efficient ways to manage multiple rods, these staging systems allow anglers to quickly switch lures and improve their overall fishing success. Whether you prefer the versatility of horizontal rod staging or the convenience of bow-mounted rod staging, these solutions will optimize your kayak fishing adventures.