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A Beginner's Guide to an Overnight Kayak Camping Trip

by Kayak Kevin Whitley

In some cases, an overnight trip can be over-thought. When it comes to short overnight camping trips less is more. It is best to stick to the essentials, especially when camping from a kayak due to space being very limited. Some of you may be asking yourselves “what are the essentials?” In deciding what your essentials are consider these point: safety and survival, location, activities, and weather. In this post you will learn how to effectively pack for an overnight kayak camping.

Kayak Kevin Whitley- YakAttack BlogFirst and foremost safety and survival are most important. Be sure you have plenty of drinking water and food. A good rule of thumb is to bring 2 gallons of water per day. Remember to consider taking more water if you are going to be in a high heat index area. Dehydration can lead to a dangerous situation much quicker than starvation. Food and water will be the heaviest and more important of all the gear you will bring. Make sure it is secure in your kayak. Trying to tote along a cooler can be cumbersome so try to stick to canned food, grain bars, and a variety of easy snacks. 

Next, take a moment to consider where you are going and what you plan on doing once you get there. If you are going somewhere new ask, friends, family, or social media about the new location and do research on your own so you can properly plan. Are there going to be tree around? If so you can pack a hammock to sleep in, but if there are not than make sure you have a tent. Many people use their kayak for fishing. If your overnight trip is a fishing expedition, plan your gear accordingly. If you take the time to think about this prior to packing will help to avoid the mistake of over packing. When Kevin Whitley camps in the summer for fishing on the bay he chooses light gear and weedless lures. He knows that he will be fishing in light grass flats for fish in the 20 inch range. Not fishing this time around? Than skip the fishing gear and use that space for a beach chair or shade blankets. 

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Finally, Mother Nature is a somewhat unpredictable force. Be sure to check the weather often before your trip. Have a back-up landing spot in case the forecasts changes after you’ve already embarked on your adventure. If there is rain in your forecast but you are deciding go take the gamble, make sure to have rain gear with you and dry clothing.

Kayak Fishing Campsite- YakAttack BlogIn order to continue to experience the joys and wonders of the outdoors, we must leave a campsite the way, if not better, than we found it. Be sure to always bring all of the trash you’ve accumulated on your trip with you. If you would like to find out more about Kevin Whitley check out his links below!

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