Brian Latimer to Donate to Covid-19 PPE Project

by YakAttack

We have always looked up to Brian Latimer for how he presents himself as an ambassador for the sport of fishing and as a father. From his tournament wins to his YouTube videos of fishing with his son you can't help but feel the energy and genuine good vibes Brian has. We woke up this morning and noticed a notification on Facebook and Instagram about a mention from Brian’s profiles. Little did we know, it was a video Brian posted about supporting our Covid-19 PPE project. Brian announced he is going to donate the profit from his online tackle store, Shop B.Lat, for sales this Friday, 4/17/2020, to help support the Covid-19 PPE project. That is huge and we couldn't be more grateful.

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Emergency PPE Project

Here is a little backstory on the details of the Covid-19 PPE project; link to full story. A few days ago, a friend of the brand made a comment that YakAttack may be able to help this situation, given our unique capabilities. In the few days since, this idea has grown into a massive effort for our little company. On March 24, 2020, we began developing several emergency PPE supplies, and in that short time have made rapid progress on a number of desperately needed items, including a replacement PAPR shield, a face shield, an emergency respirator that can accept whatever filter media is available, and an isolation tent for intubation and transport of infected patients. We are working closely with our local hospital to ensure the solutions we are developing meet their needs, and once in production, will work around the clock to supply our local community, the state of Virginia, and the hotspots all over the country with as may of these supplies as we can make.

On April 1, 2020, our first solution in this effort, the replacement shield for PAPR positive pressure respirators, is going into production. We'll be shipping them by the hundreds within a few days, and will provide this and other solutions to the open source community, sharing our designs and methods with others who have the tools and equipment to reproduce them in their own factories or garages. We expect other solutions to be ready to ship within days, not weeks or months, as long as we have the resources to continue our current pace.

Our efforts in this response are NOT FOR PROFIT, but if we don't cover our costs, we will not be able to supply at our full capacity, as we will simply run out of money. The fastest and simplest way to get these supplies to the front lines is to fuel the effort with donations, and ship the products quickly and at no charge to those who need them. So far, we've used the cash that we have on hand to move forward at full speed, but we can't sustain that for long. We need your help. Our commitment to you is that we take your donation seriously. We know this is a financially challenging time for all of us, and promise to be excellent stewards of your dollars, ensuring that every one makes a real difference. Thank you.