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The YakAttack Through Hull Wiring Kit is perfect for installs of fish finders, lighting kits, motors, and anything involving running wiring through the hull of your kayak or boat. This kit is perfect for popular removable pods like the Bonafide Kayaks Dry Pod or Wilderness Systems Flex Pod where fish finders and transducers are commonly mounted. Included are eight rubber inserts with common hole sizes, four blank inserts, two nylon grommets, and two sets of hardware.

Hole Diameter Sizes:

A -0.166"

B - 0.191"

C - 0.205"

D - 0.345"

E - 0.345"

F - Blank

  • 2 x housings and rubber inserts
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: EMS-1001

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5 Stars
Through hull kit

Good quality. Great selection of inserts for different size wires. I used this kit to run wiring for my fish finder into my dry pod on my ss127. Worked great

5 Stars
Thru hulk wire kit

I must have for any kayak owner

5 Stars
Through hull wiring kit

A great way to run wires for a fish finder through the hull to keep things neat and tidy.

5 Stars
Through Hull Wiring Kit

First off, this kit is extremely low profile and unobtrusive, perfect for running wires in tight spaces. Installation instructions are very clear and easily followed. The kit comes with more than enough grommets (rubber inserts) to accommodate most common gauge wires used. Definitely a must buy for sonar or battery wiring!

5 Stars
Thru-hull Wiring Kit

Makes for a clean installation.

5 Stars
Through Hull Kit

Love it! Bought two kits and used them them for wire, rope, etc. Such a great product. Easy to install and they include lots of size options to help you find what you need.

5 Stars
Through hull wiring kit

Works perfectly! Wired up my Helix 7 in a Crescent Lite Tackle. Easy to install and hid my transducer and power cables all inside the hull.

4 Stars
Through deck fitting

Works quite well, far more effective than Hobie flush fitting.

5 Stars
Wiring fitting

A great way to transition wiring from in hull to outside. Fittings for one or two wires with a variety of sizes. Definitely worth the price.

5 Stars
Cleans up my wiring perfectly

Used these to run my wiring harness from inside my front hatch to my control box beside my seat. I used to have the wires through the lid but that made it not waterproof. Now my wires are hidden, secured, and everything's waterproof. It was easier to install than I thought too.