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The LeverLoc™ Clamp Base and Trolley Ring were designed for the YakAttack LeverLoc™ Anchor Trolley and are compatible with 550 paracord or other cordage of a similar diameter. The lever on top of the clamp base locks the trolley line in place by a simple “flip of a switch” motion. When not in use the Trolley Ring can be easily stowed under the lip of the clamp base for a simple quiet anchor trolley install.


  • Includes LeverLoc™ Clamp Base and Trolley Ring
  • Paracord not included.
  • Made in the USA
  • Covered by our Built for Life Guarantee
  • SKU: AMS-1006

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5 Stars
Big Improvent...

Nice product. Already had an anchor trolley. Added this kit to simplify use. Great idea/design!

5 Stars
Anchor trolly

Just what I ordered...worked this company..great products..great prices and an extraordinary staff..will continue to purchase from this company..highly recommend to anyone

5 Stars

Super easy install , works flawlessly

5 Stars
anchor trolley lever

I do not like foot controls on my rudder so i ran para cord from the rudder to a pulley next to my seat and use the lock next to the pulley to keep the anchor in place. That way I can control the anchor easily by hand and allows me to reach it while standing and slow trolling the mangroves

5 Stars
Dump the bulky cleat and get this.

I started off with the old cleat style lock. I saw the lever lock on a friends yak and thought I should try it. And I’m glad I did. I mounted it within a arms reach of the seat and now it just takes a flip of the thumb and I’m locked in. Must have for any trolley.

5 Stars
Excellent product!

Designed for it's use. It is awesome to not have to "make it work" that has already been done! Great product. If you fish from a kayak you need this.

5 Stars
Flat out works

I tried a few DIY methods of securing my anchor line without success. I am very DIY minded but could not come up with a good method of sticking my line exactly where I wanted it. Until I got the LeverLoc. It's great!! Wished I would have went with it to begin with LOL!!

5 Stars
Very nice!

It's low profile and the idea behind it is great... I’d choose this over the traditional bulky “zig zag cleat” any day. I have yet to try it on the water but it looks very easy to make adjustments on the fly. Install was very simple.

5 Stars
Just what I needed

Straightforward, easy to install, and works as advertised. The lock mechanism is simple and makes retrieving your anchor effortless...Great product